Thrift Haul!




The key to successful thrifting is… finding a sale day and going to as many as you can! That’s the funnest part, knowing there is different things at each one. This past Friday was 50% off all women’s wear day at all Salvation Army thrift stores, so I made a point of going to the two closest to me. I live in a small city about fifteen minutes away from a big city, so I have everything I need within five mins and everything else within twenty or so (depending on traffic!) Lucky for me, there is a Salvation army in my city and four in the next. If I didn’t  have an appointment to get to later in the day I would have done all five for sure! I did do super well with only two stores though.

Drumroll plz…

  • Black H&M “Divided” pullover sweater. From H&M I bet this was at least $20-$30 dollars, Salvation Army regular price $6, I got it for   $3
  • American Eagle black slouchy knit cardigan. From American Eagle probably about $50, Salvation Army regular price $6. Mine for $3
  • Lulu Lemon black, grey and white yoga pants!!! I have never bought a pair of these brand new due to the price and my severe need to bargain, although I have heard they are well worth the cash wad drop. These were in great condition! Lulu full price is usually what? Almost $100? Salvation Army regular price $20, mine for $10 dollars!!! THAT is the beauty of thrifting right there.
  • Garage black skinny jeans. These are awesome, they have that great, grungy, pre-worn in look with a bit of fade, not to mention the pre-worn comfy relaxed fit, no stiffness. Love. Garage is fairly well priced, but these jeans would have been at least $40-$50 bucks brand new, and probably not near as awesome due to the lack of pre-worenage. Salvation Army price $7, my price $3.50.
  • Silver “Tuesday” boot cut medium wash jeans. Doesn’t matter what style you are, everyone loves the way a pair of Silver jeans fit. I have always been one to alter my clothes myself to suit my fit and taste. Back before “skinny” fit cut was popular, my friends and I bought regular boot-cut or flared jeans and sewed them in to fit “skinny” cut style. Before I had a sewing machine I HAND sewed my jeans! That was dedication. If you messed up and they didn’t fit right? cut the seams and sew again for a couple hours. I have always been dedicated to unique style haha. All the “scene” kids back home will read this and remember 😉 When jeans started being made and sold in the stores as “skinny” we were all reluctant cause our style was going “mainstream” but soon embraced it as it meant much less work!! Anyways, I had a pair of these exact jeans that were sewn to fit perfectly in high school. They were “THE” jeans you would wear everyday. I ripped the crotch out probably eight times and just kept stitching them up. Isn’t that a common problem with Silvers? Maybe its just cause you end up wearing them so much. Anyways, I finally had to begrudgingly throw them out the window of a 32 story hotel in Edmonton to stop myself from wearing pants that had been stitched together so many times in the crotch if I took a step longer than my short legs could casually take me my beetlejuice striped underwear would be clear for all to see. It was a sad day. I have wanted those jeans back ever since! Today, with a little hunting and some work behind the sewing desk I will have them back for the extremely low price of $3.50. Silvers regular price about $100:)
  • Pair of unknown brand yoga shorts in black, Salvation Army regular $3, sale price $1.50.
  • Bootlegger “Kismet” pullover sweater in purple, with purple lace in the pocket and hood. Bootlegger price probably $40-$50 dollars, Salvation Army regular $6, sale price $3.50.
  • Black swimsuit cover up/casual summer dress, brand new, still with tags. There was a ton of them, I am guessing they must have been donated from a department store. The new tag said $7, Salvation Amy priced it at $3 and I got it for $1.50 obviously.


And last but NOT least …


  • Demonia Creepers! Usual retail price for these shoes are about $100 bucks. I am so hyped I found these. Can’t believe it actually, In the Airdrie Salvation Army too, not even the Calgary one. The above pic is one I pulled from the internet but they are exactly like these. I am not a huge fan of the red, but for five whopping dollars I decided to snatch them up and paint them black myself:) I bought a pair of these in the classic creeper style with the lace woven around the toe a couple of years back on Whyte Ave. in Edmonton and definitely paid at least $90 for them. What are the odds these are in a thrift store in Airdrie in my size no less. Again, the beauty of thrifting! The excitement of the unknown, the thrill of the kill.


All of that haul purchased in the stores at regular price would have been around $480 at least! Even on a regular day at old Sally Anne’s that was $60. Wait for sale day and I got three sweaters, two pairs of jeans, lulu lemons (you can’t just say “yoga pants” it’s not the same), yoga shorts, a swimsuit cover/summer dress and a pair of LEGIT CREEPERS (again, not JUST a pair of shoes) for the whopping total of $30.

UUGGHH. What an adventure! 🙂


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